Oliver Ruess


Oliver Ruess is a photographer from St.Gallen (Switzerland), focused on portrait, beauty, fashion and fine art nudes. He tends to look out for more melancholic and fragile scenes with a slight romantic touch. Many of his images using natural light situations to emphasize the atmosphere of the moment. He doesn’t have any issues with subtle and well-executed photoshop edits, but he feels much better about a picture that looks good, right out of camera. He loves the dynamic process between the model, the location, the light, the camera and himself and he believes that great creativity often is the result of team effort and values working closely with his models. A key point is to get in touch with the model, opening yourself and earning your model’s confidence. For most models it proves to be difficult and takes some time. On the other hand it’s an amazing feeling if the ice is broken. For this reason Oliver prefers working with the same model several times. It feels more comfortable with familiarity. In his opinion the story or relation behind a picture counts more than the picture itself.


Please visit my other websites innenaufnahmen.ch and analogfotografie.ch

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